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Organized company knowledge that flows to your team

With Whale, centralize all of your SOPs, policies and tribal knowledge so you can onboard, train and grow your teams better.

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SOP & knowledge management can be a pain in the a**

Scattered and buried information
Not up-to-date and can’t be trusted
Lots of time lost searching
Employee unfriendly and boring

Sounds familiar? Poor management of your SOPs and company knowledge can break your business. Explore how Whale can help you get a grip on one of your most valuable assets.

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Put your SOPs and company knowledge to work

Save your team several hours a week, by delivering knowledge in their moment of need with our web application, chrome extension, slack bot and more.


Create SOPs people will actually want to read

75+ templates and a powerful editor make it easy to get knowledge out of your experts heads and into a simple and visually attractive place.

More on how to create content

Deliver the info your team needs, when and where they need it most

Better onboard, train and support your team, by making the information they need flow automatically to them with assignments, flows and suggestions.

Discover how easy it is to share knowledge
Version history

Organize your SOPs in a single source of truth that's always up-to-date

Expert reviews, knowledge gap insights, and tracking dashboards help you understand what’s working and what’s not.

Learn about how you can better manage your knowledge
We understand what you're going through

Running a business can be hard.   You're juggling a hundred things at once and sometimes it feels like all you do is put out fires. The good news? You're not alone. Thousands of businesses have been where you are, and have found a way to reduce stress, turnover, and chaos within their company.

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Bring clarity to your company and build a foundation for growth

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Getting  aligned around your needs and goals
Pick your plan
Choose the success formula that suits you
Enjoy the clarity
Eliminate uncertainty and see your company thrive
The Ultimate Guide to Process and SOP Documentation
Learn how to leverage your SOPs and knowledge to their full potential

✅ The 3 essential steps in documenting SOPs

✅ How to leverage documentation across your teams

✅ How to manage documentation the right way

✅ How to lead the way with smart SOPs

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