From easy onboarding to just-in-time continuous learning.

Whale is the knowledge and training platform that connects your team to their every process, policy, and procedure, in the moment of need.
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Whale - Extension & Mobile App - Just-In-Time-Training

Fast & Easy setup

No coding skills needed

Measure your results instantly

Move your teams from chaos to clarity

Ditch your outdated process documents and manuals,
and set your team up for success with modern training experiences.

Easily document all of your processes, SOP's and company policies in one central place
Deliver ongoing role based training to your teams and track their progress
Connect and reinforce your company knowledge to your teams in the moment of need and in the flow of work

Your team's playbook
in a fraction of the time

Rolling out new policies & SOP's is easier when you have templates, an intuitive editor and a documentation service at your disposal.
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Training that's just-in-time and relevant

Our intelligent platform helps you reach your teams with bite-size content, delivered in the moment of need and within the context of their work.
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Insights that help you improve

See exactly how your processes and teams perform and identify potential areas for improvement. New insights mean new ways for your business to grow.
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The resources to give you the inside track

Getting Started with the three training types
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Let's get serious about growth and empower your teams with the training and knowledge they deserve.

Let Whale help you outsmart your business challenges.
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Why companies choose Whale

Onboard, train, and empower your teams with Whale.

Accelerate the ramp up and onboarding time
for new hires
Improve the adoption of your digital tools and processes
End expensive shoulder taps across your different departments
Reinforce processes that ensure predictable results
Deliver consistent quality service to your customers
How it works

Deliver just-in-time training and contextual knowledge to your team

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