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Whale helps you centralize your processes, SOP's, policies and tribal knowledge so you can onboard and train your team faster.
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Training delivered in your workflow

Access your team’s knowledge instantly, whatever tool or system you’re in.

Have Whale automatically surfaces and suggests knowledge in the tools and app’s your team uses and loves.

With Whale your employees will never lose time again searching for the knowledge that moves them forward.

Where knowledge, process and training meet

And it's super simple.
Give your new hires everything they need to get meaningfully integrated into their role and department
Automate and simplify the training process for your employees and track their progress to keep them accountable.
Process documentation
Identify and document your core processes for consistent, predictable success across your teams
Your every how to centralized and maintained in a beautiful system your teams will love.
Knowledge management
Consolidate your company knowledge and create a single source of truth that everyone in the company has access to.

How Whale moves your team from chaos to clarity

And it's super simple.

Create and share policies and procedures in the blink of an eye

We know you’re busy so grab one of our 75+ templates and roll out new SOPs and policies in minutes. Or turn to our partner service that does the documentation for you.
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Ramp-up new hires faster with engaging training

Whale’s editor helps you create training manuals that your employees actually love. Use video, images, Gifs, screen recordings and more to bring your content alive.
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Easy access to all your processes and tribal knowledge

Browse, search and get suggestions, wherever your team works. Whale makes all your knowledge available and accessible from your browser to your smartphone or tablet.
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Boost accountability across the board

Engage your subject matter experts to keep all your content relevant and up-to-date with Whale's review and ownership system.
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Automate and simplify the training process for every employee

Easily train and retrain your employees on your latest process improvements. Create assignments, set due dates and track the progress of your learners to ensure they never miss important training
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Identify and close knowledge gaps

Is your team slacking behind on a particular set of skills? With our insights page it's easy to spot knowledge gaps and act on them.
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Sven Lion, Business Process Manager at Direct
We don't lose time searching for the right how-to anymore. Our colleagues know that everything is centralized in Whale and repetitive questions have become a thing of the past
Christina Haxton, EOS Implementer - The Center for Sustainable Strategies
I've never been so excited about process documentation and about what Whale can accomplish for my clients.
Hayley Parr, Marketing Manager at Traction Tools
"We love their seamless integrations that allow contextual company docs to pop up whenever and wherever you need them. It’s like having your own little concierge service for processes!"

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