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Whale helps your teams with the much-needed bite-size content, exactly when and where they are working.
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Knowledge delivered where and when you need it

Have Whale automatically embed and suggests knowledge in the tools and app’s your team uses and loves.

With Whale your employees will never lose time again searching for the knowledge that moves them forward.

Just-in-time training

With Whale's Just-in-Time approach you can deliver bite-size learnings to your employees at the exact moment of need. With Whale it's easier to beat the forgetting curve and empower your teams through continuous learning.
  1. Relevant to work-related tasks and skills
  2. Helps toward an active learning culture
  3. Provides the ability to prompt feedback

Contextual knowledge

Deliver knowledge within the related processes and procedures, so your teams can remain in the flow of work. Connect Whale with you apps and have content surface directly within your tools or share offline processes with QR codes.
  1. All stages of the learning cycle.
  2. Online & offline accessible training on the go
  3. Bridge Knowledge and Skill Gaps


No-one has ever been excited to browse through a 100-page manual. With Whale you can create and share bite-size content that is easy to consume and apply.
  1. Increased employee efficiency
  2. Higher Cost effectiveness compared to regular learning

Try Whale and Take Your Training & Onboarding to the Next Level.

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