Reimagine the way you train and empower your team

Deliver contextual, bite-size content to your teams so they can learn by doing.

Capture & Centralize

Capturing and centralize your company processes and knowledge can be hard. Whale helps you centralize the information your team needs, and brings it all together into a central source of truth.
  1. Powerful yet simple editor
  2. Built-in integrations
  3. Browser based screen recorder
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Structure & maintain

Whale helps you organize and manage all of your content so you never need to worry about unstructured information that goes stale after a while.
  1. Cloud based wiki
  2. Review and owernship system
  3. Tag manager
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Share and train

Train anyone, everywhere, and anytime with the whale web app, chrome plugin and smartphone app. Keep track of learning progress and hold your teams accountable all from within the same system.
  1. Browser plugin
  2. Smartphone app
  3. Contextual automations
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Analyze & improve

See exactly how your processes and teams perform and identify potential areas for improvement. New insights mean new ways for your business to grow.
  1. Knowledge user profiles
  2. Knowledge gap insights
  3. Knowledge performance insights
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Fast track your operational excellence with our onboarding service

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Integrate your existing tools for a connected learning experience


Train and empower your team

Ditch your outdated process documents and manuals, and use Whale
to create modern learning experiences that drive productivity.
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