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Employee Experience 2021: Why Smart SOPs are the Next Big Win

Employee Experience 2021: Why Smart SOPs are the Next Big Win

July 7, 2021

Your employees are the best brand ambassadors you’re ever going to get — so the employee experience you offer them matters.

From the way you communicate, to how you manage Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), employee experience has a direct impact on how your people view — and talk about — your brand.

And you already know that the better reputation your brand has, the better your ROI. 😉

But what does it take to engage employees so they can’t wait to come to work each day? And how do you drill down on employee experience to boost productivity and revenue?

It’s simple: create the best procedures possible and make their every-day easy to love.

Let’s break it down.

Ready to boost your employee experience with smart SOPs? Get in touch for a free Whale demo today!

Smart SOPS - The next big winner!

Know what a great employee experience looks like

There’s a reason 92% of HR leaders say employee experience is a top priority in 2021: Getting it right leads to better productivity, boosted brand awareness, and increased retention and revenue.

And with 86% of employees citing broken processes behind their decision to look for a new role, it’s well worth investing in an awesome employee experience today.

Sounds great, but what does the ideal employee experience actually look like?

  • Employees feel supported: Company culture is key to a great employee experience. Think: An environment where employees feel like part of a community and know the company’s doing everything possible to make their work-lives easier.
  • They have tons of learning and development opportunities: With 87% of millennials saying ongoing training is important to them, ensuring your employees have easy access to training is everything.
  • Teams know what to do and how to do it: No one likes to be a burden on their team. That’s why ensuring employees have everything they need to get the job done with minimal fuss is vital to a great employee experience.

A quick SOP checklist for the ultimate employee experience

It’s no coincidence that how you communicate and equip your teams has a direct impact on the type of employee experience they have.

The moral of the story? Standard Operating Procedures can help employees feel supported, autonomous, and well-trained.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you need for SOPs that check all the boxes:

  • Clear and simple language: Dense, jargon-packed SOPs are way too common. Stand out from the crowd by making it easy for your employees to get straight to the point. Ask yourself, ‘If my life depended on it, would I need this word/sentence/paragraph?’ If not, drop it.
  • Engaging visuals: Today’s workers are part of the 8-second attention span generation — so these days, 100-page SOPs just won’t cut it. Look for creative ways to up your SOP game, like digitizing content, making it super snackable, and adding video, gifs, and images for extra visual punch.
  • Regular updates: It’s all very well creating beautiful streamlined SOPs — but if they’re out of date, you’ll end up with a lot of frustrated employees. Designate sections to subject matter experts in your teams, remind them when updates are due, and encourage employees to check in once the changes are live/

🐳 Whale Deep Dive: How learning in the flow of work boosts employee experience

Learning in the flow of work is all about offering employees quick and easy access to snackable learning content on-the-go.

Imagine your employee is about to write a sales email, but the queries start rolling out: ‘What’s the best wording for this again? How do I structure my email? What are our company taglines?’

Answering all those questions = a lot of wasted time for your employee and their colleagues.

But there’s a better way. With Whale’s Chrome Extension, your SOPs are instantly accessible as soon as employees open different tools. So, next time your employee goes to write that sales email, they’ll have all the information they need at their fingertips, no digging necessary. Now that’s what we call an awesome employee experience. 👌

Use a smart knowledge and training platform to make your SOPs shine

It sounds like a lot of work to get your procedures up to scratch — but with the right tools, it can be simple.

From having ultimate control over your visuals, to checking who’s engaged with what, the right knowledge and training platform makes it easy to create, manage, and view your SOPs for the ultimate employee experience.

Whether you’re onboarding employees or showing seasoned teams how to run new procedures, your SOPs have a huge impact on the employee experience — and once you’ve got it right, your teams (and your bottom line) will thank you for it.

Ready to create smart SOPs your employees will love? Get in touch for a free Whale demo today!

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