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March 24, 2021

More Collaboration, Better Training Results

Working with several people on documentation and training? We’ve got you covered! This release includes features that improve team collaboration.

New Features

Comment on cards

Documentation should not be a one-person job. Comment on cards and collaborate with your team so your playbooks get input from everyone.

Manage auto-suggestions in one central place

Now you can manage all your auto-suggestions in one single dashboard. Spend less time on settings, more time on delivering great training.


▶ Always-on mode in the web plugin - Enable the plugin to be always on so you never miss a suggestion ever again. Additionally, you can drag the enfolded plugin to a different location on your page.

🏠 Design improvements in the web plugin - The plugin got a make-over and looks & feels cleaner and more organized.

⚡ Quicker access to card actions - Automations, comments, and assignment actions can now be found on the right of your cards for quick access.

🔋 Whale Power-Ups - Enable or disable certain features for your entire workspace and design your team's whale experience just the way you like it.

🔢 Alphanumeric list and indent in card editor - Want your content very organized? We do too. Now you can better format card content into the structure you want. Copy & Paste your SOPs into Whale? No worries, everything will follow the original format you had.

🖼️ Stock images in card editor - Looking to make your content more visual and engaging for your team? Now you can pick from more than thousands of high-quality stock images and make training fun again.

🎨 Company name in Whale - Add your company name and logo in the Whale platform so your team feels right at home when logging into their workspace.

🍞 Breadcrumbs in playbook view - The title of your playbook has now moved to the breadcrumb on the top of your screen.

Bug fixes:

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