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April 19, 2021

Identify Individuals’ Learning Progress

As your team grows, you need a better system to track the learning progress of your employees. This release allows you to track an individual team member’s progress in order to better understand whether your team members are right on track.

New Features

Track assignments per user

Why is it important? Each team member has different assignments. Sorting the assignments by users allows you to identify the learning progress of your employees. Track who is doing well and who might need a little support from you or your team.

Click to see each employee’s assignment and status

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At Whale, we are building new features every day and we’d like to invite you to experiment with us!

The Beta Lab in Settings shows you the latest features that we are currently optimizing. If you are curious like us and always want to try something new and better, click the Activate button and test it out!

You can find the Beta Labs on the Company settings / Workspace settings


▶ New card editor (beta) - Get more options to structure your card content and embed multiple types of media

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