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Build the Business Playbook that Helps you Scale

Whale is the all-in-one system that helps you document your processes, train your teams, and scale your business.
  1. End expensive shoulder taps and repetitive questions
  2. Accelerate the ramp-up and onboarding time for new hires
  3. Deliver consistent quality service to your customers

Create the Ultimate Operational Manual for your Company

Process documentation can seem hard, especially when you start from scratch. With our proven Do It Yourself or Do It With Help formula we help you go from zero to hero in a fraction of the time.
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Invest in your Systems and your People to Really Grow

Developing a proven way of work is crucial if you want to train and turn your people into high performing teams. Use Whale to onboard, train, and reinforce your teams on your every SOP, How To, and policy, wherever they work.
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Everything they need to know, when, and where they need it

Whether your employees spend their day in front of a computer or out in the field, Whale has their back. With the Whale mobile app, you can easily reach your engineers on the go. And with the integrated Whale Plugin you can deliver knowledge within the tools and applications they already use.
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Continuously Improve the Way your Business Operates

Continuous improvement is more than a buzzword. Whale offers you insights on how your company, teams, and processes perform so you can keep focussing on the long term and continued growth.
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Try Whale and Take Your Training & Onboarding to the Next Level.

Time to ditch your outdated training manuals and google docs. Sign up for a free trial and see how easy it is to create, share and train your teams
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