It's time to get serious about process and training

Learn how Whale adds value to every employee and position in your company.

The C-Levels

For your organization to really scale it needs to run like a finely-tuned machine. Whale helps you build out the knowledge and training system that gets everyone alligned towards your goals.
  1. Build a business that delivers on time, every time, exactly as promised
  2. Free your business from being dependent on one person
  3. Increase the valuation of your business exponentially

The Manager

Whale helps you develop a training strategy so you can create a high-performing team that's engaged and dedicated to achieving their targets.  
  • Accelerate new hire ramp-up time
  • Generate consistent predictable results
  • Continuously improve the way your team performs

The Expert

End expensive shoulder taps across your entire organization and offer your subject matter experts the gift of time by giving everyone access to your collective expertise.
  1. Eliminate repetitive questions
  2. Create a collaborative knowledge sharing culture
  3. Protect the focus time of your experts

The Novice

Each job comes with its own processes and technologies. Whale empowers your new hires and employees in different departments of the organization and within the tools and app's your company already uses.
  • Learn by doing with contextual information - in any application
  • Customized content based on department, location, and job function.
  • Fast track people's career development

Train and empower your team

Ditch your outdated process documents and manuals, and use Whale to create modern learning experiences that drive productivity.
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